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A Look Behind the Lens

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How many of you have even seen a photo online, try to recreate it and are unhappy with the results?  A finished photo has more to it then meets the eye. You see not only does the photographer have to think of lighting, positioning, etc. while taking the photo, they also have to think how they will edit it after. Editing can take hours on just one photo.

Often times I hear people say, they don’t want to pay a lot for a photographer. They think that just anyone can take photos and achieve the same results. Usually they are not very happy when they get their photos back. Here is some reasons why.

As a photographer, I wanted to share a before and after photo of a baby. If you look closely at these images you will see many differences. Since this was a very young client, I traveled to their home to make everyone involved more comfortable. When doing this I have no idea what color walls, lighting, flooring, etc. this house has and the same goes if it is an outdoor location. As I enter my mind starts working, I have to look around and try to find the best location for photos. I then look for inspirations, what would look good in a photo. It could be props, backdrops, textures, etc. Sometimes I even help with fashion advice!

From there, patience is key, each client young or grown has different difficulties when it comes to being photographed. This is where your photographer either becomes another mom, comedian, or just a fly on the wall, whatever will make you comfortable in front of the lens.

Now I start to photograph, you might think this is the easy part. Guess again. I am climbing ladders, laying on the ground, holding a decently heavy and expensive camera, changing lens, directing you, making you smile naturally, thinking about what positions work well, and taking a ton of photos among other things. After a session, not only is my camera dead but I feel like I am as well. But it doesn’t end there.

After a session I go home upload hundreds if not thousands of photos and start to weed through them all. Deleting the ones you may have blinked in and thinking about how and where I will need to edit them. Now that I have narrowed it down, editing takes place.  It usually takes on average about hour for each photo. Then I have to burn them to a disk and run to the post office to mail the finished piece. I tried to do all of this in the quickest amount of time that I can because I know my clients are looking forward to seeing that finished results. Then I still have to take time to update my blog and facebook pages with these photos so they can share with their family and friends.

The next time you are a little unsure if you want to hire a photographer, think of all you are getting along with those finished photos.

As a photographer, I love and enjoy the whole process and by no means is this a negative rant. I think often times with any job, if we aren’t familiar with it, it may look easy at first until we learn all the aspects to it. So if you are looking for that amazing finished image, I along with many other photographers would love to help you achieve it!

Handsome Little Noah

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One of the best parts of being a photographer is when you have repeat customers and you can see their families grow in front of your camera lens. This is just the case with this post. I had the pleasure of photographing a maternity session with Heather and Kevin just 4 days before she gave birth to a beautiful little boy named Noah. Once this new little family was happily back at home, mom and dad decided to have me back to take some photos of their handsome little guy. I was excited to meet their new edition and to photograph him because I had just bought new props and this was the perfect time to try them out.  Noah did a great job and we have some amazing photos as a result!

(Please note young ones are always supported when being photographed. Photos are then edited to appear as though there was nothing holding them)

Heather and Kevin’s Maternity Session

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Last weekend it was very, very cold in NY but that didn’t stop Heather and Kevin from enjoying their maternity photo session. They were able to stay warm by sharing their love for their unborn baby.  Heather is due on Dec. 27th and they are both extremely excited to become parents! It was a wonderful photo session, I hope you enjoy the photos!!

Mikayla’s Senior Session

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Many students have their senior portraits done in the summer time, while this is a fine time to be photographed, I happen to love the colors of the fall. So when Mikayla’s parents contacted me last month for a senior portrait session it was a pleasant surprise! We went to my parents house out in the country, they have a great pond, woods, gardens and other pretty backdrops. Mikayla photos turned out great, please see for yourselves!

Sara & Andy’s Wedding!

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Fall is my favorite time of year and I was so excited to photograph Sara and Andy’s wedding during this wonderful season! The location and theme were perfect additions to the wonderful fall colors. The location was at this amazing old barn with tall ceilings and beautiful wood floors. Sara and Andy did a great job adding details to make the wedding theme (vintage, fall and country) come to life! Every where you looked was filled with special touches and memories and of course they made their own memories there as well. The photos came out amazing!! Please take a look and feel free to comment!!

Mallory’s Senior Portraits

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful girl for her senior portraits. Mallory is an avid dancer and wanted to showcase that in a few of her photos. We had the wonderful backdrop of the fall leaves and the canal at a local park. Putting all these pieces together made for an amazing end result in the photos! See for yourself!

Cheryl and Bob’s Special Day!

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This past August, Cheryl and Bob tied the knot. It was a very nice backyard ceremony, with a beautiful pond and gardens as backdrops. I had the pleasure to not only photograph the event but also to be apart of the celebration. You see Cheryl is my mother and Bob is my now step-father.  Congratulations to them both!


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